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Step 1 – Are you in a position to move?

Step 2 – Do you have a deposit of between 15% - 25%?

Step 3 – If you are in a rented property , you will need to give notice to your land lord, once you are ready to move (normally one months notice)

Step 4 – Have you a mortgage in principle or are you buying with cleared funds?

Step 5 – If you are currently a home owner, have you had your house valued and is it on the market? [Free Appraisal]

Step 6 – Contact your local estate agents or visit to consider the current housing stock for sale;

Step 7 – If you have to sell your house in order to allow you to buy, have you prepared your property fully, checked that the agent is doing everything possible and have you appointed a solicitor?

Step 8 – When you find the ideal home, make sure you have a survey or structural report undertaken;

Step 9 – All parties, seller, buyer, solicitors and lenders ('The Chain') agree an exchange date;

Step 10 – Once exchange takes place, contact all utility companies and organise final bills (council tax, water, etc.);

Step 11 – Contact your insurance company to cover the new property for all risks from the exchange date;

Step 12 – Confirm all details with your removal company;

Step 13 – Let your neighbours know that you are moving;

Step 14 – Agree a completion date (normally 28 days after exchange);

Step 15 – Ensure your solicitor has got the fixtures and fittings list and report on title for your intended purchase;

Step 16 – Check that your solicitor has requested funds from your mortgage lender at least 7 days prior to the completion date;

Step 17 – After exchange arrange with the seller to come round to introduce yourself formally, and to allow you the opportunity to measure up for curtains, blinds, flooring etc. prior to moving in.

Step 18 – Meet your solicitor to sign all paperwork including the Transfer 1 and to check for no last minute hitches! [Conveyancing]

Step 19 – Upon completion (whereby the estate agents receive confirmation from the vendor's solicitor that all the monies have been transferred and received) you can collect the keys from the estate agent.  Maybe give them a Thank You card for their help and assistance (Space 4 Living receive these all the time!) [See Testimonials]

Step 20 – Visit your new property and make sure that what you thought you were buying is what you received.  This especially relates to fixtures and fittings that were agreed as part of the sale.  (If you are married it is customary to carry the lady over the threshold!)

Step 21 – Register with all utility providers that you are the new owner and the date from which you are paying the bills.

Step 22 – Create your dream home!

Finally, if you received a good service from us (which we sincerely hope you do) why not, when you come to move again, contact us to sell on your behalf.  After all, we have been here since 1997...

'Good Luck in Your New Home!'

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