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  • Choose a good reputable local estate agent. This will provide you, the seller, with a ready-made database of registered buyers from an agent who markets your property 24/7;
  • De-clutter all rooms throughout the property;
  • If you have gardens, ensure that they are well tended, clear of rubbish, weeds and discarded objects;
  • Where possible allow your agent to display a prominent ‘For Sale’ board. This will further enhance your likelihood to find a buyer;
  • If you have large pets, where possible de-odorise all rooms prior to viewing and maybe take it for a walk whilst the viewing takes place;
  • Open windows, in particular, the kitchen and bathroom (and any bedrooms that may have a ‘sweaty sock smell’!);
  • Ensure that you have not cooked a meal just prior to viewings although the smell of coffee/cakes baking is acceptable;
  • If you have a garage, at least leave enough room to enable a potential buyer to assess the size. They may need it for an office, playroom, hobbies, pets and believe it or not, maybe a car!
  • Repair and paint/treat all boundary walls or fencing.
  • Ask your neighbours if you can help tidy their garden on driveway, if they are in such a condition that may detract from your own property;
  • Give the property a good clean and strategically but discretely place air fresheners throughout (vanilla being a good choice!);
  • Make sure curtains and blinds are open so would be buyers can see the double glazing and views. It will also let maximum light into every room which will make it appear bigger and brighter;
  • Put all the lights on throughout the house even during the day (unless it is a very sunny day of course) to allow the would-be buyer to see the fixtures working and to add further light to each of the rooms;
  • If your agent has a day off and you personally conduct the viewing, tell viewers about the house and local area e.g. when the fitted kitchen was put in, if the neighbours are nice, where the local schools, parks, railway stations, pubs are!
  • Don’t have the television or stereo playing music in the background – it’s hard enough to take everything in on the first viewing without being distracted by unnecessary noise;
  • Let the agent do what they are best at after all it is what you are paying them for! In most cases buyers don’t really want the seller to sell their own home or put them under any kind of emotional pressure whether intentional or not;
  • Finally, if you are still unsure, speak to a member of our staff or attend a discovery day.

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